Gimleo ERP-MES-WMS upgradation meeting was held successfully

Posted by:GIMLEO    Time:2021-7-7

On the morning of July 5, Gimleo Heat Exchanger Company held an ERP/MES/WMS upgrade project launch mobilization conference. Company leaders, heads of relevant departments, ERP, MES, WMS solution provider company and project implementation staffattend the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Ms. Hou Jinxuan, Project Manager.

At the meeting, the representatives of the ERP/MES/WMS provider introduced the scope of implementation of the project, the implementation plan, the key content, the project organization management and the expected results. Mr. Richard, General Manager of Gimleo Company, served as the leader of the ERP/MES/WMS project team, defined the key tasks and work objectives and made a mobilization speech, on the completion of the project upgrade as soon as possible, improve the company's information work level, promote product development, manufacturing technology, testing and testing capabilities to improve the overall, to help the company's high-quality development put forward five requirements:

First, all relevant departments should payattention to this project and , closely cooperate with each other to ensure the smooth progress of this project.

Second, the project team members should have a sense of responsibility to take the initiative to learn, timely grasp relevant knowledge, improve work efficiency, in line with the pragmatic work attitude, seriously do a good job of the basic data finishing work, for all links of orderly convergence, data connection and procedures to prepare and pave the way for the implementation of work.

Third, the project functional departments should consider, coordinate the relationship between production and operation and project construction, reasonable arrangement of production plans, to ensure that production and project construction "with the implementation, two not wrong."

Fourth, the project construction to implement the "integrated" management mechanism, so that "who participates, who is responsible", progress timely tracking, timely summary of problems, the task day by day.

Fifth, the measures are clear, responsibility to the people. To formulate a scientific promotion plan, the key node tasks should be designated to be responsible for the joint efforts to promote the project to complete the construction on schedule, to play its due benefits.

Founded in 2005, Gimleo Heat Exchanger Co.,Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, design, development and manufacturing of energy-saving heat exchangers. With our powerful heat exchanger engineering & technology innovation, Gimleo is dedicated to providing you with high quality heat exchange solutions and unparalleled customer support. Our products are widely applied to commercial & residencial air conditioners, chillers, air-source heat pumps, swimming pool heat pumps, aquarium heat pumps, quarium chillers and so on.

ERP/MES/WMS upgrade project is the key construction project that the company started to implement this year, which is very important for Gimleo heat exchanger company to "informatize, intelligent, digital" to achieve enhanced upgrading, and has done a lot of preparatory work in the early stage. All relevant departments and staff should start from the overall development of the company, do a good job in the internal affairs, shoulder their responsibilities, make concerted efforts, innovation and purpose, comprehensive and efficient completion of the project construction work, for the company's high-quality development to make new contributions.

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